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Environmental Benefits

Aside from the economic benefits of producing your own electricity through solar power, you help the environment and contribute towards a better future.

Generate electricity from a clean, renewable source: the sun. By using solar power, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions, combat global warming, lessen our dependence on costly fossil fuels and foreign resources. Our current methods of producing power have devastating economic, political, and environmental implications–so let’s do something about it.

Solar is a Smart Choice for a Healthy Planet

Every solar system installed is a step in the right direction of securing a sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and planet. Make an investment you can feel good about.

For every 1 kW installed, you will eliminate:

  • 5 tons of CO2 emissions
  • 45 pounds of NOx emissions
  • 75 pounds of SOx emissions

This is equivalent to

  • Removing 2.3 cars from the nation’s highway, or
  • Planting 37.5 trees