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Genesis HOME PRO FAQ’s

We believe solar should be affordable for everyone. Get instant approval on Genesis Home Pro, no money down with a qualified credit score. 

Excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day is sent to the utility grid. You receive the power back at night after the sun has gone down. 

Each customer receives a 25-year manufacturer warranty, which will cover issues related to the manufacturing itself. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning or snow removal, is provided by each homeowner.

After the term of your loan is complete you officially own the system and enjoy free power for the remaining life of the panels. For additional information Contact Us today.

Your home will continue to be connected to the electrical grid. Excess energy from your solar panels will return to the grid and you will receive that energy back at night at no cost.

The amount of savings when going solar varies from state-to-state in accordance with local utility costs. With Genesis Home Pro as your solar provider, you can be certain that your utility costs will be less than what you are currently paying. When you contact Genesis Home Pro a representative will help you understand what you can expect to save by going solar in your area.

You will receive one bill from your utility company. You will receive one bill for your solar panels. The total cost will be less than what you are currently paying for energy.

Solar panels will still produce energy on a cloudy or foggy day. Rain and snow may affect production for your system.

Yes. As long as your roof has room for additional panels. Simply contact a Genesis Home Pro representative who will guide you through the process.

With Genesis Home Pro, there are zero upfront purchase & installation costs. 

You can either pay off the system when you sell the house, or you can transfer it to the new homeowner
If your solar system is financed, transferring the loan is subject to the lender’s terms of conditions.

A Genesis Home Pro representative will visit your home to outline the benefits and savings you can expect by going solar. Our representative will help determine if going solar is right for your home. 1) A survey team will design a customized solar panel system just for your home. 2) A certified installation team will install your solar panel system. 3) You begin saving money immediately!

Would you like to say goodbye to high utility costs and help the environment at the same time? Then solar is right for you. Get in touch today to learn more or visit Cost of Solar.

After solar panels are installed on your home you begin producing power. Any excess power your home doesn’t use will be sent back to your utility company. Your electric meter will run backward. You will feed excess energy to the utility company during the day and then receive it back during the nighttime, at no cost.

Normally installation takes less than 1 day, occasionally it can take up to 2 days if it’s a very large system. Genesis Home Pro takes care of everything involved in the installation of your system, including system design and all applicable permits and inspections.

Several studies have shown that installing solar panels immediately adds value to your home and can help it sell faster.

No. Solar panel installations are property-tax exempt.