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Financial Benefits

The benefits of solar energy include more than just savings in your electrical expenses- home and business owners can take advantage federal incentives for renewable energy to pay a system off quickly to start making money earlier. In short, the financial benefits of solar power range from immediate reductions in the out-of-pocket costs, to long-term programs designed to provide a source of income for years to come.

1. Electricity Savings:

You save money by generating your own power instead of using the power from your electricity provider.

2. Incentives:

The government offers tax credits for renewable energy systems.

3. Increased Property Value:

According to an article on, “A study in Appraisal Journal found that for every utility-bill dollar saved annually because of an improvement, you gain $10 to $20 in property value.” Therefore, saving $1,300 in the first year off of your electric bill could increase your property value $13,000 to $26,000!

Solar is a No-Brainer!
  • Electricity savings make solar cheaper than buying from the utility company
  • Federal Incentives lower the payback period
  • Increase your property value