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Why Go Solar

Many homes and businesses are positioned well to benefit from the advantages of solar energy, yet some never take up the offer. If you find yourself in agreement with the following, then it could be a sign that solar power is right for you.

 Save the Environment

Climate change is taking the world by storm, and every person needs to do their part to reduce carbon emissions. Solar power has virtually no negative effect on the atmosphere, making it a perfect substitute for energy generated through fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and crude oil.

Perhaps one of the foremost advantages of solar energy, environmental protection is what drives many people toward renewable resources as a method for electrical generation.

Save On Your Electric Bill

Fossil fuels aren’t just bad for the environment, they can wreak havoc on utility bills. Non-renewable resources are subject to supply and demand, which causes wholesale market volatility and fluctuations in consumer rate pricing. Your monthly bill could be affordable one month and far too expensive the next.

Homeowners and business leaders can install solar power panels and instantly reduce their electricity costs, no matter how big or small. One of the key advantages of solar energy is being able to manage your energy smarter and more cost-effectively – something major utility providers couldn’t offer even if they wanted to.

Perfect for Texas

There’s a trifecta of situations available to figure out whether solar power is right for you:

  • Access to direct and unobstructed sunlight regularly.
  • High electricity costs.
  • Opportunity for reimbursement of purchase through federal incentives.

If you need help understanding how solar energy can benefit you, contact us and let a Genesis Energy Advisor guide you through the process.