Genesis Home Pro

Steps to Owning Solar

1. Site Survey

Upon arrival, the site survey engineer will conduct a survey of your property and determine the best location for your new system and will then conduct an assessment of your energy usage and evaluate what size system best fits your needs.

2. Design and Estimation

The licensed contractor team provides a system with expected performance measures and all costs associated with home solar. They will also show you how to take advantage of the lucrative federal solar incentives that significantly lower the cost of a solar energy system, as well as any of special financing programs.

3. The Paperwork

Don’t worry — the licensed contractor team are trained to perform all the paperwork necessary to be approved for the final city permit

4. Equipment Procurement

Hand-picked manufacturers known in the industry to provide state-of-the-art, Tier 1 solar panels, inverters, and mounting systems are selected to ensure your home solar system will perform as expected.

5. System Installation

Once the city permit is received, you will be contacted you to schedule your installation. The installation begins with attaching the solar panel mounting system, then the solar panels are then attached to the mounting system and connected to a junction box that leads to your inverter. The inverter is mounted and then connected to the solar panels. Finally, the inverter is connected to your circuit breaker box so you can generate electricity for your home.

6. System Commissioning

Then you are scheduled for all necessary inspections by local permitting authorities and your utility.

7. Project Completion

Following the completion of the inspections, the PTO (permission to operate) will be granted and then your solar system can be turned on.