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Why Solar For Your Business

Professional industry leaders like Apple, Google and Microsoft have all ushered in the era of renewable energy – and now it’s your business’s turn.

Total control over utilities

Many Fortune 500 companies flock to install panels because of the available cost savings. With the newfound ability to plan electricity costs, organizations can rein in their operating expenses from the moment their solar inverter turn on.

Rooftops are unused, spacious assets that serve as perfect environments for hosting solar panels. By switching to solar energy, a business can avoid high costs associated with peak demand usage, which commonly affects commercial spaces.

Solar panels allow you to circumvent price hikes that accompany a volatile market for fossil fuels. Avoid paying higher than normal fees for electricity and cut costs in a bid for greater operational flexibility.

 Go for (LEED-certified) gold

Businesses receive so much more than just commercial solar power savings by working with Trinity. By installing solar panels, organizations take one step closer to becoming LEED-certified – a title given to buildings that are highly energy-efficient.

Customers will also appreciate the effort put toward helping the environment. According to a Nielsen Group survey, 55 percent of global consumers in 60 countries are willing to pay more for products sold by companies that incorporate sustainable practices.

 Solar is a smart investment

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why solar for your business makes sense. Organizations meticulously plan out every dollar that will be spent in advance to ensure any and all budgetary concerns are taken into consideration. Energy prices rarely remain constant, which can throw a wrench in the works.